Sainsbury’s, a big-4 retailer in the UK, has pledged to package 34% of its fresh fish and 80% of strawberry punnets using OceanCycle Certified, Prevented Ocean Plastic containers. This is a significant development in the fight to curb ocean plastic pollution.

Their commitment to using certified ocean-bound material will amount to saving over 12 million plastic bottles from entering the water each year! And, it means 6,531 days of employment for plastic bottle collectors in coastal communities. Bravo!!!

“Using Prevented Ocean Plastic is one change we’re making to our supply chain to help us remove, reduce, recycle and reuse plastic. Not only will it have a positive environmental impact by preventing plastic from polluting the ocean, but it will also have an important social impact by allowing our customers to make sustainable choices and support overseas coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution.” – Claire Hughes, director of product, packaging and innovation at Sainsbury’s

We’re proud to be the certification provider behind this material! Together with our partners, Prevented Ocean Plastic and SHARPAK, we’re bringing plastics from Shore to Store!

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