Measuring & Understanding Market Value

Many companies wish to make better material choices out of concern for their plastic footprint and environmental impact. But, there is still confusion in the marketplace about what ocean plastic is and how best to engage, especially when it comes to solving the ocean plastic problem.

At OceanCycle, we help companies make better choices that work for their supply chain and their procurement departments. We help them source recycled and ocean-bound materials and connect them with suppliers and manufacturers. In many cases, we share our knowledge freely as more people using ocean-bound material helps us achieve scale. If a company has specific challenges or unique needs, they will engage us in a consulting relationship.

We provide confidential services to many of the world’s top companies, from advice on plastic sourcing to total project management. We also keep our partners up to date on material innovations and alternatives to petroleum-based plastics.

Success Story

Macy's Beach to Bag Reusable Bags

Image courtesy Macy’s Inc.

Macy’s and Bunzl

(Macy’s Stores / Macy’s bags by Natali Germanotta)

OceanCycle worked with Bunzl’s supply chain team to create 2 million reusable bags made of ocean-bound rPET for Macy’s stores—currently the largest program of its kind. New to the use of recycled materials in products, Bunzl engaged OceanCycle to serve as a guide in sourcing ocean-bound materials to make the yarn and fabric used in the bags designed by Natali Germanotta. Bags are currently available for $4.99 at Macy’s stores.

Macy's Beach to Bag Reusable Bags

Consulting Services

Whether you are looking to integrate the use of ocean-bound plastics or meet other sustainability requirements, OceanCycle’s specialized skills and experience will help your business reach its goals.

In addition to storytelling, marketing, and PR assistance, we provide full change, project, and product life-cycle management services. We assess supply chains to drive efficiencies, assist with new product developments, and make it easy to integrate ocean-bound and bio-based materials into your product lines.

Robert [Goodwin] and Ryan [Schoenike] are second to none in terms of getting certified material into the supply chain. My trust in them and their ability is critical, because it can be so confusing for companies to deal with ocean-bound plastic. I look to them as experts and partners across the board.

Kendall Starkman

Next Wave Plastics

OceanCycle has been incredibly helpful in developing our approach to waste management and recycling in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are working with us under difficult circumstances to truly appreciate our challenges and understand the needs of the people. With insight founded on proven operations in many regions of the world, they provided us with a blueprint on how to develop our local recycling operations and organize community collections. Because of their help, we truly believe we have a better opportunity to grow our business in a way that both improves lives and the environment.

David Richardson


Talk to us about consulting services for manufacturers, investors, and brands. Or, ask us to connect you to anyone in the supply chain at no cost, because good things happen at the intersection of business and purpose.

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