“While to the consumer, the story may simply start with the Prevented Ocean Plastic logo on a product, a considerable amount of work takes place behind the scenes. Certification with OceanCycle is far from a tick-box exercise – it is earned and not given. In order to meet the criteria, each factory has to meet five quality standards, from ethical sourcing and environmental practices to documentation and certification standards. The process can take anywhere between 3 to 5 months and entails at least two on-site visits. The certification lasts for 12 months and every shipment of material is checked and approved.” — Prevented Ocean Plastic.

Working in communities most at risk of ocean plastic pollution often implies working in less secure and informal economies. Building and maintaining relationships is therefore a crucial part of their work, often taking years to develop. Relationships are built on mutual trust and the bottle collector community is a vital part of their eco-system.

While preventing ocean plastic pollution at scale is the key objective, OceanCycle certification is what enables the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ program to operate according to a shared set of robust and high-quality standards. As the market for recycled ocean-bound plastic grows, it will be increasingly important for both businesses and consumers to be able to distinguish between those who walk the talk and those who don’t.

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