Our partners at Prevented Ocean Plastic, Lidl GB, Waitrose & Partners, Berry Farms, Sainsbury’s, among others are not just helping to stop ocean plastic pollution, they’re also helping to popularize the use of recycled ocean-bound plastics across the industry. 

“Ryan Schoenike is the co-founder and president of OceanCycle. He says that, while it is the largest program of its kind – Bantam Materials claims to sell about 1,400 tonnes of OceanCycle-certified recycled plastic each month – it’s still “a drop in the ocean” compared with overall plastic use.

Schoenike notes that OceanCycle receives many product inquiries from prospective buyers, “but there can be an issue getting past their procurement departments”, he says, alluding to the reservations that companies often have about using recycled PET.”

OceanCycle certification is providing manufacturers with the confidence they need to invest in recycled ocean-bound plastic. As Waitrose packaging development manager, Nikki Grainge, shares: “We need traceability because we’ll never want to sell anything we don’t have full confidence in,” she says. “It’s reassurance for us that we can pass on to the consumer.”

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