Brand Guidelines

Logos, Typography, Colors, Uses

Download OceanCycle’s Brand Guidelines for details on logo usage, typography, colors, and style guidelines. 

Download OceanCycle’s Brand Kit with all logos in various formats.

OceanCycle Main Logotype

Full-Color Logotypes

Stacked, Horizontal, Wordmark. Use OceanCycle’s full-color main logomark online, in social media, in print, etc. Download logos below in 300 ppi .png files with transparent backgrounds. For vector artwork, please download the zipped Brand Kit folder, above.

OceanCycle full-color stacked logo
OceanCycle full color horizontal layout logo
OceanCycle full color wordmark

Scale Proportions

When presented at all scales small and large, each of the logos maintains a specific proportion in size between the wordmark and the logo icon.

One-Color Logotypes

OceanCycle Certified Logotype

Full-Color Certified

The full-color OceanCycle Certification logo works best for online applications such as websites, social media, etc.

Scale Proportions

The width of the ‘certified’ within the certified seal logo maintains 59% of the width of the wordmark above it. Other proportions remain the same as the primary vertical format.


One-Color Certified

Official OceanCycle Certified Logotype in solid colors works best for one-color applications such as printing on physical objects, products and materials.