our approach

The OceanCycle

There is no silver bullet to solve the ocean plastic problem. A systems approach is required and OceanCycle works on all aspects of that system.

the oceancycle diagram

1. Build demand for ocean-bound plastic
We make it easy for corporations to buy ocean-bound plastics at volume, which encourages recyclers to process more material from at-risk coastal communities

2. Boost community collection
We help educate coastal communities on best practices to manage waste and generate income from collected plastics

3. Transport and process plastic
We ensure efficient logistics and segmentation of different types of plastics to drive high yields and quality

4. Make new products
We drive innovation and help build efficient supply chains for packaging, fabrics, and injection-molded goods allowing companies to integrate purpose and profit into their core business models

5. Sell and re-order
We help companies deliver genuine social and environmental impact in the communities where the material is collected

And then do it all over, again and again. 
More people collecting plastic leads to higher volumes of recycled material for new products that are sold at a profit—creating further demand for material that prevents ocean plastic—and starting the OceanCycle all over again

How we support procurement departments

We focus on four key pillars to make it easy for companies to integrate OceanCycle certified materials into their supply chains:


Providing the highest quality post-consumer recycled resins


Sustaining consistent high volumes of material for large scale manufacturing


Keeping costs as low as possible to encourage integration into core product categories for long-term use


Maintaining chain of custody from bottle collection through manufacturing

See how we also support businesses to thrive through our Consulting Services.

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