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OceanCycle is a social enterprise reimagining the circular economy through sourcing, certifying and reusing materials to prevent ocean plastic pollution.

Bottles Diverted from the Ocean

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Let’s stop ocean plastic
for good.


Prevention is key

Over 80% of plastic in our oceans starts on land, and research shows that what does get in the water sinks to the bottom and is difficult to recover.

Most ocean plastic cannot be recycled

Plastic in the water gets degraded by salt and light and attracts toxins and microorganisms. It also breaks into small pieces and mixes with other plastics making cleaning and sorting difficult and costly.

The problem is bad and getting worse

Over 11 million tons of new plastic enters the ocean each year—a figure that is projected to triple by 2040.

People are the answer

Plastic is collected by hand in the countries most at risk for ocean plastic pollution. Solving the problem requires understanding the needs of community collectors and providing them with the tools for success.

Ecosystem of Impact

There is no silver bullet to solve the ocean plastic problem. A systems approach is required and OceanCycle works on all aspects of that system.

True impact requires engaging and orchestrating a host of stakeholders across the entire value chain. Starting by driving demand for ocean-bound material and working with coastal collection communities all the way through to the manufacturing and sales of new products. If any part of the value chain breaks down it is more likely more plastic will enter the ocean.


Find out how together we can stop plastic waste from entering the ocean by 2030.

Driving Scale

OceanCycle is a change catalyst bringing solutions to scale in three major ways:

Business Consultation

Helping companies obtain the raw materials and components they need for their products in the most cost-efficient way

Material Certification

Bringing trust and transparency to the market for ocean-bound material with a verified chain of custody covering ethical coastal collection through to manufacturing

Community Impact

Investing in the livelihoods of the people at the front lines of ocean plastic prevention—assessing needs, tracking progress and measuring results

Partners in a brighter future

We partner with a global network of brands, retailers and manufacturers to maximize the use of ocean-bound materials in new products. Because of our industry-leading tracking and data collection system, we can pinpoint the precise collection points of ocean-bound materials, in what quantities, and the income generated in those at-risk coastal communities.

To date, OceanCycle’s partner companies have recycled more than 23,150 metric tons (the equivalent of 926 million plastic bottles) of our certified material into new products —the largest global ocean plastic pollution prevention effort to date.

Discover why the OceanCycle Certification is the most trusted in the industry.

Latest insights

Field Reports: Democratic Republic of Congo

In this episode of Field Reports, Robert Goodwin inspects the ocean plastic problem in the DRC and shares insights into the role the Congo River plays as well as the need for robust recycling infrastructure to limit harmful labor practices.

HUM Nutrition wins Marie Claire UK Sustainability Award

HUM Nutrition wins 2021 Marie Claire UK Sustainability Award for “Best Ocean-friendly Brand.” 

Field Reports: Jemmal, Tunisia

In this episode of Field Reports, Ryan Schoenike inspects ocean-bound plastic pollution near a collection point in Jemmal, Tunisia.

Friendship & Purpose

Together, we hatched a plan to help the iconic retailer Macy’s sell fashion-forward and cost-effective reusable bags.

OceanCycle’s Theory of Change

This model encouraged participation and helped us set up collection points, systems and methods for sorting that helped to increase the yield of recycled plastics.

See how our team and partners around the world are working to curb ocean plastic pollution and ensure on-the-ground impact. Catch up on the latest news, press and shoutouts from the field.

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